South Lake

Osteria il Gallo
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In Trento county, in the highest and nicest piece of Garda lake, between craggy rock faces there is Riva del Garda, a wellknown turistic site.
Here there is Osteria il Gallo, a restaurant inn that it's in the ancient place S. Rocco, very close to lake near to the docking vessels or also known as Riva del Garda harbour. Osteria il Gallo, with its genuine culinary use, will be able to satisfy your gastronomic needs in a domestic atmosphere, where also during week it's possible to have manifold daily courses other than menù; the specialization of the inn are the lake fish menu or tipical trentini courses.

The inn has a nice regional or county wine stock, with fish menù we suggest wines as Custozam Lugana or a Rosè or Chiaretto del Lago.